Dragon Ball Super

The Return of Frieza

Frieza, the once-feared tyrant, returns to Earth seeking revenge on Goku and his friends.

The Tournament of Power

Goku and Vegeta enter a multi-universal tournament to save their universe from destruction.

The Birth of Broly

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly awakens and threatens to destroy everything in his path.

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Goku and the Galactic Patrol face off against Moro, a powerful sorcerer who absorbs the energy of planets.

The Granolah the Survivor Arc

Goku and Vegeta help Granolah, the last survivor of his planet, seek revenge on the Heeters

The Universe Creation Arc

Goku and Whis travel to the past to learn about the creation of the universe.

The Bardock Arc

Bardock, Goku's father, fights to save his planet from the Saiyan genocide.

The Future Trunks Arc

Future Trunks returns to the past to warn Goku and his friends about a powerful android threat.

The Black Goku

Goku Black, a mysterious entity from the future, poses a threat to all of reality.

The Universal Survival

Goku and his allies fight in a tournament to save their universe from erasure.